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There are several options for advertising with the HBS Student Association. Please click on one of the following sections for more details and pricing. Also, Recruiters, pleasetake a moment to review the MBA Career Services website to ensure that you are following their guidelineshttp://www.hbs.edu/recruiting/mba/policies.html.



Printing and Distribution


Each current HBS student has a personal 3 x 6 inch mailbox to receive Recruiter and Marketplace information. The SA office is happy to offer Printing and Distribution (P&D) services for these mailboxes all throughout the academic school year (please refer to the pricing sheet for more details). 

Note: all distributions to these mailboxes must be approved and distributed by the SA office


Survival Guide

HBS Survival Guide


This informational handbook is sent from HBS Admissions Office to all admitted students to help them become acquainted with HBS and surrounding areas. The book is written by the students for the students, covering topics on student life, academics, careers, and social activities in the Boston/Cambridge areas. This is a great vehicle for advertisers to be among the first to reach incoming students.